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    What is word counter?

    Word counter is a tool that counts how many words you have written in it So that you can make a perfect SEO-friendly Article.

    This FREE tool counts the number of characters that have been written.

    It shows the number of sentences you have used in your texts.

    It shows you how many paragraphs you have made in your article, the paragraph should not exceed 200 words to make it an SEO-friendly paragraph. So your paragraph should be divided into a small-small paragraph, so it is easy to read by the viewers.

    To check the word tally and to count the total words, just spot your cursor into the content box above and begin composing.

    You’ll see the number of characters and words increment or diminishing as you type, erase, and alter them.

    You can likewise copy/paste text from another website or program over into the online editor above.

    Want to Rank Higher on Google? Learn This Ideal Blog-Length for Perfect SEO!

    • 200-400 words: These amazingly short posts are best for conversations and commitment. But they don’t get as numerous social offers and are not satisfactory for SEO. They are totally intended for portrayals of items or administrations and editorial.
    • 400-600 words: These are viewed as more modest blog entries, some say they are “the base length”. These are not instructive posts, all the more reduced down, stomach-related peruses for those less contributed. They are very useful for social connections and commitment, nonetheless, too short to even think about driving site traffic or influence SEO, So you want to drive traffic from your post you have to write more.
    • 600-1,000 words: These are viewed as instructive posts with an editorial or journalism style. These posts are incredible for including powerhouses or influencing people, reference connections, and building SEO gradually.
    • 1,000-1,500 words: Depending on your crowd or traffic, these long articles can truly have an effect on your lead change. If you are providing value to your traffic by content-rich articles then, the length of up to 1500 words can become a powerful tool to drive organic traffic from external links, paid partnerships, or calls to action.
    • 1,500-2,500 words: Here comes the holy grail of posts. These types of 2500 word articles are known as “Google highlighters” and the web crawlers of search engines like Google love longer posts! We have seen that the top-ranking post on google on almost every topic of the article is between this length, so that becomes Google’s perfect balance. So if you want to rank higher on google and gain a lot of organic traffic then this is the way to go……..Go long and stay top.

    There is no magic number or an exact number of words for an article to rank on google, But to keep this information in mind while writing an article will help us to reach what we aim for from that particular article.